POSTED 05.06.20

We are still waiting on 4 tournament directors to reimburse the club for cancelled tournaments.  The OVR is working on contacting the tournament directors who still haven't paid.  We will be issuing our refund once all the reimbursement checks have been received. 


The refund check that you will be receiving, will be from the cancelled tournament money refunded to the club and the last quarter payment for the coaches & staff salary usually issued to them at the end of the season.  This will be divided among the players and paid thru Paypal, Venmo or a check mailed to your address listed on your USA volleyball registration.   Email us at with any questions.   

POSTED:  04.27.20

We have 6 tournaments we are waiting for reimbursement on.

POSTED:  04.14.20

I hope you are all staying safe!  Just wanted to give everyone a few updates.  Individual pictures have been mailed out for those that ordered but didn't receive them prior to the shutdown.  Please email me if you placed an order and haven't received them yet.  Please include your mailing address in the email.

As of now we have received less than half of the tournament refund checks from the tournament directors.  Some directors are not mailing them until the date of the tournament has past, while others, who work with their high school or university, have been locked out and have no access to their checkbook. We will be issuing refunds once all the funds are collected and we will inform everyone thru email and the club website that all the refund checks have been received.  We will be offering a few options for the refund thru PayPal, Venmo or check.  If you know how you would like this to be sent, please reply to this email address ( with your payment information (PayPal ID, Venmo ID, or name & address) along with player name.  If you don't respond, we will just mail a check to your address that's listed on your USA Volleyball account.  Please email me any questions you may have.

Phil Walters

Club Director