Rachel Terzak is a local volleyball player and coach from Austintown, who at the age of 34 found she has breast cancer.  If any Club One members are able to donate to help her in her time of need, it would be greatly appreciated.  Information can be found on the link below.

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POSTED 06.02.20

If you haven't received your Paypal or Venmo payment yet, you will be receiving a check which was mailed yesterday.  Rather than wait for the problem to be fixed we mailed them out to save time so we can close our books.  Please email me at ohionortheast@hotmail.com if you don't receive it by this weekend.

POSTED 06.01.20

All the reimbursement checks have been mailed out this weekend.  Paypal & Venmo ran into some problems as the bank would only release a few each day.  We're working on that today.  If we can't solve it we're going to mail checks out to everyone but we will keep you posted.

POSTED 05.28.20

All of the tournament checks have been received this past weekend and we are in the process of mailing out reimbursement checks to everyone.  You should be receiving them by next week.  Paypal & Venmo will be sent out this weekend. 


The reimbursement check each player will receive is a combination of tournament money returned and the second half payment that was intended for our coaches and administration.  We are basing each players reimbursement on tournament days missed for the 6 days you should have attended.  A couple of teams were scheduled for 7 tournament days because of overbooking due to players not accepting our contract after tryouts.  These teams will still be based off of attending 6 tournament days and not 7 days since their 7th tournament day was a free one.  The 14 American team will be based off of the same payment scale for missed tournament days.  You will also be reimbursed the full $100 for the AAU Nationals that we did not attend, which will be added to your reimbursement check.

From the tournament checks sent back to us, each player will receive $29.78 for each tournament day missed. (6 minus attended tournament days)


From the club money, each player will also receive $43.59 for each tournament day missed. (6 minus attended tournament days)

Each tournament day missed will pay $29.78 + $43.59 or $73.37

I'd like to thank everyone for being patient with this while we waited for our tournament money to be returned.  I'd like to also thank all of our coaches who didn't register one complaint about giving the second half of their pay back to our players.  There were no rules according to the OVR on how each club was to deal with this sudden cancellation and some clubs in the OVR have offered nothing back to their players.   I hope everyone stays safe and hopefully we can  start over next season.



Phil Walters

Club Director